Call for Volunteers

Why Volunteer? 

As a volunteer with the 4th Florida Linux Show 2011 you will receive the following for your volunteer contribution to the show:

  • Free admission into the Florida Linux Show 2011.
  • Name posted on the volunteers pages of the Florida Linux Show 2011 website.
  • Free entry into the door prize registry.

What is the Length of my Volunteer Commitment?

The minimum commitment is for a two-hour slot, but please let us know if you can sign up for more than one slot.

What Can I Volunteer for?

The following areas of the show are in need of volunteers:

  • Linux Installations
  • General Customer Relations (providing diections within the facility and taking customer referral information)
  • Handing out Tickets and Name Badges

How do I sign up?

Send email to rod AT floridalinuxshow DOT com.