Select a sponsorship that best fits your company.  Remember that sponsorships are limited on a first-come first-serve basis.  To become a Sponsor for the Florida Linux Show 2011 please use the following contact information: 

Email:  sales@floridalinuxshow.com                                        

Phone:   904-824-1140 (voice & text) 

Florida Linux Show 2011


Platinum $4,000.00

Gold $3,000.00

Silver $2,000.00

Media $1,500.00

Conference Bag $2,500.00

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Payment Information

FAX Your Agreement to:

FAX Number:  904-829-8795

Make Your Check Payable to:

Florida Linux Alliance Group, Inc.

Mail Your Check to:

Florida Linux Alliance Group, Inc. 
1835 US HWY 1 S
Suite 119, Box 273
St Augustine, FL 32084

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