Florida Linux Show PodCasts 

Florida Linux Show PodCasts


This year (2009) the Florida Linux Show is going to post PodCasts dealing with technical and non-techncial issues surrounding Open Source and Linux software.  These PodCasts will be produced exclsuively for the Florida Linux Show and will be downloadable to everyone inside and outside the great state of Florida.


The Florida Linux Show has hired a professional moderator to perform the podcast interviews.  Mr. Pat Suarez, CEO of GSAProposal.com has graciously consented to interview company leaders, Information Technology, and Association professionals.  As a former Linux Technology Radio Show Host, Mr. Suarez is an outstanding host who understands the issues of today as he asks insightful and meaning questions of interest to the Linux Community.  Additionally, Mr. Suarez holds a B.A. in Constitutional Law from Wright State University and a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University.


Mr. Suarez will interview individuals and each podcast will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes covering a variety of topics.


The Florida Linux Show uses "YouSendIt.Com" Secure download.


Please check back as we begin this process of new media development.

  • Shadow-Soft Podcast with Mr. Erik Wallin.

Click here to download the Shadow-Soft MP3.



Interview at the Florida Linux Show 2009 Jacksonville by Ubuntu Podcast


  • Interviewing with Mr. John Pugh of Canonical.

Click here to view and listen to the podcast.