The Chairman  

Florida Linux Show Chairman Don Corbet



The chairman of the Florida Linux Show is Mr. Donald L. Corbet , aka TheLinuxGuy®. Most recently, Mr. Corbet has a relatively long, technology focused, history as an accomplished corporate senior executive, technical expert on Linux, Unix, Windows and other platforms, trainer, educator and public speaker . Mr. Corbet represents the ideal combination of "suit" and "tech". For 8 years he served as a member/proctor of LPI (Linux Professional Institute) and is a certified cyber forensics specialist, using Linux. He has received numerous corporate awards for his ground breaking work in customer satisfaction and is a recognized presence and speaker at global Linux events. He has hosted technical radio talk shows, television ( PBS and cable), and was a columnist for several Midwest computer publications. Mr. Corbet was inducted into Who's Who in America and is the founder of D. L. Corbet & Associates , LLC.  Mr. Corbet is also a Board Member of the Florida Linux Alliance Group.


Chairman's Monthly Letter


March 2011