Speaker - Brian Leonard

Speaker - Brian Leonard


Brian Leonard cut his teeth working as a systems engineer for EDS at Enron (yes, the famous deodorant stick building). Always wanting to experience California, Brian moved to Silicon Valley in 1991 just in time to ride the .com wave. In 1997 Brian joined the startup NetDynamics, which was pushing a new concept called an application server. In 1998 NetDynamics was acquired by SUN and soon after J2EE (now Java EE) was born. After spending a large part of his career working in the Java application server space, Brian joined the NetBeans team to focus on building its developer community. In 2008, Brian joined the OpenSolaris team with a focus on helping build its community. He currently splits his time between speaking a conferences and writing about OpenSolaris on his popular blog The Observatory.


What's So Cool About OpenSolaris Anyhow?

Operating Systems are naturally sticky - so why should one invest the time to evaluate another? Consider these issues:

  • Your file system is out of space - how easy is it to add more capacity?
  • Performance is sub-par - how do you troubleshoot?
  • Services are failing - how to you diagnose the problem?
  • One application is starving the others of network bandwidth - how do you impose some limits?
  • Even your mom has the root password to the system - why?

This presentation addresses the features in OpenSolaris that help solve these (and other) problems. Specifically we will look at the Zettabyte File System, DTrace, the Service Management Facility, Crossbow and RBAC using demonstrations where possible.